Wood cleaning and maintenance

Among the most important measures are: Pest exterminator.


Pest Insect protection is achieved by several methods and differ depending on the environment – inside or outside. For interior surfaces, Pest is carried about by spraying or applying the gel. Folosec exterior surfaces consisting in thermal spray spread a smoke containing insecticides. It expands and enters all cracks up to the outbreak of infection is removed.


The disinfection aims to destroy bacteria.


Rodent involves protection against rodents. This is done by substances not immediately attack the pests. It places a blade bait rapicide (poison that attract pests) in stations rehab are closed so you do not have access to children or pets.


The furniture and wooden objects tangle with additives The antiquisation that are designed to elevate finishes. This category includes furniture, windows, picture frames and art objects.


Whatever the purpose or type of treatment it is advisable to use organic products that do not have undesired neither wood nor for those who use them – the people.