Walland Deco house, watching the walls

A wonderful chandelier, exceptional couch, an armchair or a decorative object design value, despite the presence of their remarkable perception and admiration, not too much time will keep your eyes focused on them.
In Additionally, once you remove the space in which you noticed, their image began to fade. Instead, it stretched almost opulent art on an entire wall, causing a strong impact and sensations that resist time and visual memory of the viewer.
The effect is everything, but is behind photography, originality and technical innovation topics on materials.

The perfect reproduction of an image at large create a pattern unique whole wall surface, space becomes like larger (although decorated) and the atmosphere airy, feeling even more like breathing, as most models reproduce plants or elements of nature. 

The creators fantasies are printed on a special vinyl material, fireproof (class 1) and fully washable, with support for TNT (nonwoven fabric if I try a translation), and the quality and endurance are such good home and beautiful home.
You may have noticed or not, but anyway you say it is an absolutely Italian style, it is even made in Italy.