Vibes and urban proportions

In the city, surrounded by agitation, traffic, asphalt and over the walls, the more you need a bright living room in bright colors . burgundy red is nice, full, causing a strong visual attraction, invigorates and gives a positive vibe the whole room. You need balance, which you get by neutral colors.

We recommend a significant proportion of White which you can use for furniture, gray and eventually touches Black , stressed the chromatic simplicity.
We give you some ideas of material success combined with a modern home. Stainless steel or black accompany contemporary design complements the impact and burgundy red. The floor that shines either laminate flooring or tiles (underfloor heating we suggest, in this case) comes well in such apartments. For more transparency and light using glass.

tips and ideas:


If you did not choose to use space for burgundy red accent wall < br /> uses accessories on light colored walls, white – gray mirrors
choosing eco concept integrates a recycled organic materials for furniture
an aquarium in the room add a touch quiet life.