The trend of jewel furniture

For trends in matter of bathroom, furniture is characterized by luxury items that are composed noble materials as gold, silver, precious stones, rare wood essences, everything into a sophisticated design with delicate lines, like a baroque embroidery.

The originality and uniqueness are two defining characteristics purchasing a luxury item or object bathroom jewel, designed to reply exclusivity requirements .. 

The offer includes collections of unique, unusual, innovative design. It matters more ability to successfully align rationalism with minimalism, classic shapes with eclectic lines.

The new trend is highly customized, single is a replica of the old baths impersonal fashion made with cold materials, so that the texture and color as well.
Rinascimento collection of Bianchini & Caponi is made of hand-finished products with great precision and finesse. From the collection includes mirrors, bathroom furniture and other pieces but carved in wood and then painted old. They used natural stone countertops, travertine marble and various types.