The story of rearrangements

At first it was a small room that is lighted in full to the brim with antiques, Ikea and many other unnecessary things that in time became forgotten. Basically, it was a storage space, a neglected room, although most of his time and was spent in this place.

Given that both the budget and the space they imposed limits, Gregory has passed the test with flying colors. Of course the advice provided by his friend from Ikea Burbank, and proved you were a great help.

Choosing the showroom just pieces importance, managed to create an airy space and taste.

All of this work has been guided by three important ideas. Putting them into practice depended whole space.

First you need to find a solution for books, CDs and DVDs occupying pretty much the place but it is not late to appear, Gregory understood from his friend as one of the solutions is the location of shelves and cabinets.

This office shallow depth and two shelves high and found the place on the wall with the window.

Natural light is important, but it could become a disadvantage in the working range, so she installed a billboard by which it can adjust the light intensity during the day and benefit from it and at night.

Third, camouflage wire and cable. I think they gave him the biggest headache, but with patience and solutions from Ikea managed to make them unnoticed.


so arranged room, floor space is more vertical, creating the illusion The width and order.

passion for graphic design with experience in video games and in the toy industry, Gregory certainly would have opted for a setting wildly divergent, rich ornaments and atmosphere more intunecosa. Given the situation has opted for a palette easier.

Inspired inside a seagoing vessel, where space is utilized to the maximum and created this space, optimized flow of work, with plenty of options storage carefully planned.

What it delights most on Gregory is the way everything is stored now and illuminating devices.

Every drawer has mounted LEDs which are powered directly from the battery in the form of tapes, Ikea, thus, if they work at night, will it be easier to find the necessary installed two lamps on the desk and the ceiling has has applied painted some reading lamp, placed overhead.

It was a challenge rebuilding this space, now no longer feel trapped and enjoy a wonderful view of the hills of Silver Lake to Hollywood and beyond.

None of his friends did not know what he’s up to, except one in New York who came to visit the rest was an operation top secret.

Because nearly the whole room is white, wanted to add splashes of color, especially on the desk. A visit to the source of paper has led to the discovery of decorative sheets you cut and pasted them on the desk. A little note, but that warms this space minimalist.

He invested a lot of heart and made compromises.

Unfortunately I had to give up posters of art and manuscripts of the era, purchased years ago at the Library of Glendale.

They should have stayed somewhere above the office and even matched in size, but looks weird now staying away.

A advice that the owner is offers us: Live a space for a while before making major purchases, especially when it is a small frame, where every centimeter counts. Learn from their mistakes, but I’m happy to have my own place.