Textiles summer kitchen

Handmade curtains filtering the sunlight grace and tenderness and necessary arrangement table textiles are endless: tablecloths with matching napkins, bread baskets covered with natural materials, towels and kitchen towels, sweetness pots and jars funny aprons.

The splendid natural materials change their elegant attire for an entry on classic stage style. The color palette changes, and cheerful style is replaced by sober colors in shades of tobacco or non-colors.

Joy returns in style but modern in colorful cascades specific genre. If we focus on neighbors more remote and exotic comes to style, we will meet with braided straw or canvas as a support for dishes, either with gold embroidery on silk, especially the oriental style.  

Ethnic style canvas recalls the combination of craftsmanship fused with embroidery or in the original version, grandparents coffers recovered from either restyled and adapted to vary slightly.

Kitchens offers unexpected opportunities for affirmation of textiles, even those can wear luxurious gala dinners, saved in special areas.