Strong colors and dynamism

Whether it starts from furniture and flooring material adapts, whether it starts from the walls, ceiling and reach a semantic unit in the direction of the furniture, the entire procedure must follow a unique energetic vibration.

The kitchen is important in a home-style option. If influence cheerful Italian cuisine is becoming more felt when speaking of colored glass, ceramic tiles with floral, ceramic hand painted one color, bicolor or alternation of materials and colors.

Often, a hard color is associated with simple lines, lines, color is dominant trait. The only variety which I accept is a play between transparent and opaque textures, shiny and matte.

make a good metal to wood, which can be framed in rustic style, in a lower weight or more, depending on preference.

The luminaires are very important, especially as light is a goal negligible in a space so active.

In an ultramodern decor fall precise geometric shapes, appearing in classics and retro elements, wrought iron, rounded shapes. The functionality is as important as beauty and elegance, given that each of us spend kitchen long enough. Storage areas can be embedded in furniture or furniture can make the distinction between the active area and outbuildings.

Plants and floral energizes and the environment, bringing a touch of freshness and a positive atmosphere.

Intimizarea can be achieved through small decor items: dishes glazed with wild flowers cheerful, rustic kitchen towels or stylized floral elements.