Striking colors for walls

Yet thousand white walls, simple does not mean anything to me. Compared with colorful walls can not say what they say (it’s really just a cliché repeated endlessly), namely that white walls open, or give the feeling of size.

White e time actually other features of a home: windows orientation according to the cardinal points, their size, cast shadows of other buildings and possibly other external causes. The feeling of size is made of the proportion and density of objects compared to the room size.

Whatever the walls white, if you piled furniture too much and too high a room too small, another sensation Crowds you have! So yes, any day colored walls . The color generally gives you many more options for composing an interior than a non-color like white. You express yourself better, decorate beautiful and chosen wisely, highlights other objects of decoration and even the furniture choice.

last home & deco fair at Frankfurt where I was, I noticed with delight as the Belgians for instance, use extremely brave grej paint, dark gray, or a color somewhere between gray and brown in contrast with white finish antique furniture. We say with hand on heart, the result is spectacular!