Decor spectacular effects

And others in which, with a few effects inside seemed to be cut out of the best album of interior design.

The care to details, the finishing, good taste, even common sense, ingenuity, creativity They are infinitely more important when decorating a house than an exorbitant budget.

If you use materiaele quality and make sure to finish, you can finally create your corners, details of effect throughout the house. We chose a beautiful house that I visited in 2009, a few examples … enlightening.

For example, a blind can filter light dramatically. If a lamp shade associated with beautiful, classic, textile look better.

completely white walls bring to the hospital. Take them out with a painting. You can sprinkle the small home decor items, but try to choose something more original.

It’s not enough to have beautiful curtains and drapes. Think a spectacular way to catch them, put them in value. The tassels large, decorated with glass or thick cords are detailed with great visual impact.

Do not be afraid to combine different materials: for example stone, wrought iron, velvet and satin. Use the contrasts of any kind (not just the color). If you want a stone wall apparent, choose a stone that has not finished edges, look more natural and less anyway is used in design.

Be inventive! A painting sitting on a terrace Seval will attract attention and will surely stand out. Do BE shy!