Something like … white

When I first entered the apartment I was a little confused. … It was so white! Ok, I know that is all the new rage, everyone wants white and again … white! But always, is somewhere a compromise.

In this case, the gesture is pushed to the extreme. Everything is immaculate, impeccable. Stepping on the floor shiny, perfect, in turn, I could not restrain myself not to think about how to be pretentious. Can you, in an apartment like this, to get boots? You can eat a serving of pasta bolognese or drink a glass of red wine without doing a panic attack if the stain? Alexander Adam, the architect who designed the interior, said yes and even assured me that and showed me that behind us remained no steps.

The floor is covered with a layer of paint, matt, continue in all rooms, including two bathrooms and cooking area and dining area. It creates a very interesting unitary effect. Although it may seem easy to decorate with white on white? There have problems that does not match, the difficult part is to do so as forms “to read” and detail to be perfect. One of the most important ways of carving the interior space lighting in this case. Lamps made by famous designers, horizontal slits cold neon light, sliding transparencies can all be adjusted and adjusted constantly to create a different atmosphere, depending on the time of day and the mood of the owners.

relatively confined space of the apartment is dominant through these visual illusions, made controlling light.

The two bathrooms are actually stains in this apartment. The luxury bathroom has walls finished in a nondescript shade that combines copper, bronze, gold and silver and changes depending on the angle from which you look.

Another essential element is the panel-painting that separates the master bedroom from the living area. Frosted glass screen printed, it depicts an outline of the human body seems to want to escape. Something about this interior decors inspire me Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange – a successful combination of minimalism pop art fusion with elements of 60s and 70s.

Although the entrance is located quite far from the living area and access is via a long corridor, the architect has transformed this inconvenience a pretext decorative and functional at the same time: a wall built into a library with organic forms of amoeba, cut, overlapping over a rectangular frame shelf.

The contrast between straight lines, vertical and horizontal, balanced and mask effect is irregular. Also, the lower and upper wall are illuminated by light horizontal slits.

storage areas built into walls, are masked generous glass door white, matte, metallic frames. The furniture pieces are all famous design objects with simple shapes, but of high quality.