Scandinavian Design

Inspiration: winter, light and nature


Scandinavian style is very similar to an antivenin. Yes, you read well. The snake would be here in winter the ruthless or even a cloudy day and, as you inject venom to counteract the effects of a bite poisoning, as combat and Scandinavian winter with her weapons: a white and simple shapes that drifts by crivat snow trampolines. Just in case this treatment nothing hurts: the light seems brighter (but not by itself but by methods make it look like it is in abundance), the room seem airy and all this apparent coldness is countered shades paler gray yellow, orange, blue, purple or pink. Accents few but powerful.


And another thing that should not be overlooked: because of the endless winters, northerners are missing nature. And if the summer does not lose any opportunity to spend at least a few hours a day in nature, winter found another trick: bring nature into their homes. How?


Use natural wood in the warm and bright shades. Thus managed to beat sadness on that winter night starts at 3 pm and the famous northern lights is given only very little.


The combination of geometric shapes corners sinuous lines is another feature this style.


I said that can not replicate a style 100% true and I never proposed it; I prefer to interpret styles and adapt them Romanian life style. So we had three basic pieces: a closet-window, snow white, a chair made of polycarbonate (designer is Swedish, but the form that takes the lines of a classic is spectacular), white and him, and a table with glass countertop and metal legs placed on a floor that mimics wood milled. I solved that way that says in the Nordic style used surfaces, materials and textures that reflect light.


Cam cool, right? But I came up with an antidote: I joined a curtain straw, natural wood blinds, a few plants and fruits wooden storage boxes (in the library). The focus: raw green. I wanted more nature, so I sent baskets of wicker. Design I wanted more, so I found a splendid clock.


Would you like recreation and specifically in the northern style? Add floral pillows (but carefully on a white background!), Small paintings with delicate wooden frames, a comfortable sofa with carved legs, a mirror with carved frame, stained in white or in a warm color, pale. Use wallpaper with flowers, but again on a white background fluffy blankets with different textures, stripes or plaid textile materials (white and color). Remember, the light should be stressed at all costs!


Our school Scandinavian style


Scandinavia in the strict sense, includes only countries in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark), but, by extension, Finland and Iceland are also included.


Carl Larsson (1853-1919) Swedish artist who inspired and popularized Swedish style arrangement, where the Northern Lights play a major role.


Light is the element that is missing in most of Scandinavia in the year, when winter; therefore, she is guest of honor in the interiors of northern and evident, even if little by colors and textures used in design.


Design everyone has heard of designers Scandinavians, whose style is characterized by purity and ingenuity of the forms and the refinement of color.