Roses on a background arocka

We can, for example, love and rock roses and trying to make an atmosphere that combines the two elements. Does it seem an easy problem to solve?

Our school style

Rock music and the interior design – rock emerged in the mid twentieth century and has its roots in 1940s and 1950s music: rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, folk, jazz. Raw rock musical instruments are electric guitars (standard with six strings and bass) and battery, but in many subgenres meet and keyboards (piano, electronic organ, synthesizer) or other instruments. Like any important artistic trend, rock music influences and the way they decorate their homes fans. So … when it comes to decor, associate rock roses, black and furniture with classic glamor line.

The interior design has always been influenced by the lifestyle of people. Let’s say you’re a rocker convinced – definitely turn your environment, ie home, an authentic reflection of things that you like, you represent and individualize yourself. Option two: you like romantic-rock themed interiors and adopt them anyway, no matter what music you are listening. I chose as the theme for this month roses on a rock bottom to explain a very interesting effect: in music, rock meant a reversal of canons, a rebellion, a state of rebellion, an unleashing of primary energies, but very human . The interior design has crept glamorous image but a sophisticated rock genre, probably due videos of the band Gunsn Roses November Rain (And so the roses were associated in the collective memory of the bill contemporary rock music). In a very curious to me, rock music, although modern in conception, no never be presented, visually packed in a set … minimalist or pop art. On the contrary, the decor that fits best is pretentious, opulent, classic revisited. Interference and mutual influences between rock music and architecture, design and fashion have gone so far, that currently exists musical styles, clothing, clubs, lifestyles which are called gothic or simply goth.

Gothic rock (also called goth rock or simply goth) is a genre of rock music that was formed in the late 70s. Initially, the troops who today are considered part of the genre or some influence on the genre, were named by the musical press as punk-positive, they with strong ties English punk rock and post-punk new format … In contrast music and aggressive style of punk bands, early gothic music bands was more introspective and address aesthetic or intellectual ideology literary trends or movements that had a dark subject, like those of gothic fiction, romance, philosophy and existential nihilism. Within notable gothic rock bands include Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. (according to Wikipedia)

So if you are looking for a floral for your home, but not too syrupy, too bland – you can opt for a decorated rock-romantic (roses background rock seems to me a very meaningful and achievable target). Use with confidence basic ingredients: dark colors, black necessarily; Velvet (who remembers today Alannah Miles and hit or Black Velvet?) furniture with classic lines treated variants reinterpreted of some classical pieces type crystals Swarovski, any accessories that inspire an atmosphere of Gothic or Renaissance (in this decoration represented by empty frames, black on the wall).

To not load the atmosphere of the house, you can arrange just a corner or a wall following the issue. If rock romantic corner integrated in a broader concept, classic, an effect likely to be very strong suggestive than if you arrange all the house after the subject. Another plus of this election will be originality: I can guarantee you, at least in terms of statistics, that will be one of the few holders of a decor that could be titled: roses on a background of rock.

Guitar electric – it’s a must have for this type of decor. You must have at least a serious reference to the theme that approach. What will you do if someone asks you if you but know how to play guitar?