Quality Solutions for your kitchen

Behind an attractive design, there must be a number of practical solutions and good quality

The slides that benefit drawers and other accessories subdivision and closure offers German quality provided by Hettich, long-lasting quality.

HI-MACS tops, which are equipped with kitchens Theta represents a modern solution to real needs in the kitchen. HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone is a non-toxic, with resistant surface contamination, even after prolonged exposure.

Because of its minerals and acrylic is resistant to high temperatures, acidity and scratches, as well as a wide range of chemical agents, making it ideal for a kitchen where they cook. Moreover, they provide an added aesthetic level, countertop and integrated sink due to lack visible joints. HI-MACS is an environmentally friendly material available in a wide range of colors and finishes, so that can be easily adapted to decor your kitchen.

Appliances built-in furniture are part of the premium and can be chosen according to your needs and preferences so as to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen.