Open space planning for the living room

An arrangement for open-space living area of ​​an apartment building with a classic area of ​​76 sqm. The apartment is located in an old apartment building built in 1967.

The partition’s initial provide 4 rooms (3 bedrooms and living room), kitchen, 2 bathrooms and hallways link. The apartment owner, decided that it is time for a major change in terms of home decor. Although the apartment had 4 rooms, area was not large enough to comfortably accommodate them and seemed shabby and crowded space. So he asked a friend regarding on the walls that can be demolished in order to obtain an open space area.

Following discussions with this owner outlined a development project for whose implementation has dealt personally .

It provided for the demolition of walls and destruction of ancillary areas  to gain a living area and wide open. The space resulting from these actions demolition includes living room, kitchen and dining room.

Changes subdivision were large, 4-room apartment became one of 3. He gave up the wall between the living room and the de- third bedroom and bath room incumbent has been integrated into the living area with kitchen role. The bathroom was decorated in the old kitchen. It was disbanded and a pantry in the reception hall, the bedroom and the front door was moved to include in his space and small hall pass. On this occasion it was increased slightly and bath service.

Being graduated new subdivision were replaced electrical and sanitary installations, carpentry; Pour the leveling compound has been isolated and all exterior walls (the apartment is located on the corner of the block). Prosecutor massive old oak was replaced with a new one all in solid oak.

The pipes visible gas were masked with shelves built to the ceiling in the hallway and living room and bedroom small was created Mixed lighting system indirect light reflected from shelves. The beam of living is one of support, so it was transformed in exhibition surface, marked with spots.

The decor built gradually. At first he chose the wallpaper and the furnishings. Lady of the house knew at the beginning that will use wallpaper to accent different areas, so he chose special models with bamboo inserts (living) and cork (dining). The furniture and decorative accessories were purchased from IKEA. The remaining items were acquired gradually and framed in decor with the idea of ​​function space and warm.