Minimalist Apartments Design

Modern, linear, free from any artifice decorative additional kitchen today is mainly addressed to young generation assets, which needs space for movement and modern technology to facilitate their work.

Known for their futuristic design, youthful compositions are distinguished by Innova practicality of the furniture that does not occupy much space and, at the same time benefit from the latest features and accessories. Cooking zones are designed so that there is enough space on the countertop, while the cabinets are equipped with storage facilities generous.

fronts lighter, combined with finishes of glass and steel, give brightness and transparent spaces that do not seem too crowded although has all functions.

A splash of color is still achieved a few accents of red garnet found in finishes and decorations.

Devices art is all incorporated in furniture, so you do not occupy extra room, but also to create a unified image composition kitchen.

Place dining with simple design and neutral colors combine lines Straight curves of table seats minimalist forms imitating classical models.