Miniature villa for childrens

Every time I see a new room or home, my mind is divided into two: one assimilates details about the place, other imagines like to live there. In childhood, for example, attics fascinated me, also lofts and homes staircase. So I can only hope that Dan, the tenant of this apartment is fascinated by his villa in miniature.

The details we have received from the owners was simple and concise: the space was designed in This way since junior spends much time in it. As you can see very well, the room is divided into two areas: the living and seating / sleeping.

In the first, which has all the facilities of a modern living room (sofa, desk, shelves), Dan learns , play and invites friends. The seating area is distinguished by positioning, and through a skylight. The most interesting architectural detail is staircase, which can make you sigh, if you did something home as a child.

Ideas stolen:

An ingenious idea: using a staircase, designers have played with volumes, using the maximum available space both horizontally and vertically. Jos, the space remained at baseline. Upper sub-sections, has obtained a nest just right to include in it the dreams of a child who is going rushed to adolescence.