The Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style (also called modern Spanish style) originates in the north of the Mediterranean and is found mainly in countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece.

arrangement of this type is distinguished by natural materials elements inspired by nature. The colors are the defining solar and marine, combined with brilliant white, which usually is found in the walls. Specific style are surfaces covered with mosaic and accessories in wrought iron, introduced by furniture or decorations.

The finishes are natural and they, like the colors, responsible for the look welcoming decor inspired Mediterranean. Stone walls, wooden furniture and floors covered with tiles or marble (resistant materials in time) exudes warmth, stability, safety and a rustic note. The colors are generally used for the ground floor and terracotta and textures are rough and crass, as close to the natural look of stone. The uniqueness and imperfections of nature are found in the walls, which are often textures. Cover with stone tiles, mosaic or layers of paint aspect of the manual, they subscribe air relaxed and natural style.

The furniture has a touch of old, whether it’s functional pieces or strictly decorative. They patina upholstery hardware with simple patterns, but colored in yellow, orange or marine tones. The furniture seating is comfortable, in tune with the atmosphere relaxed, specify this style, and can be anytime supplied with a hammock or lounge chair.

decorative accessories to recall elements of ceramic ornaments with marine theme and plants exotic type orange and olive trees. The scenery Mediterranean not missing any metal attachments bronze, brass or wrought iron (a result of the influence of Moroccan).

Currently, Mediterranean style can be found in homes more contemporary form of influences, mixed with Specific elements of other decorative styles. These influences are found in the finishes, colors and shapes.