Low-budget spectacular effects

If the base is OK, ie if finishing minimum are reasonable quality, then can you arrange for the house you live in, starting with the essentials: a bed, a closet and a dressing room, bathroom and kitchen.

If you have the an average budget, You can choose to make your few corners spectacular house, using some simple tricks. For example you retapita armchair matrial old with a flourish.

you can sit in a corner or near a curtain as a whole in a false wall of drywall in which you build a niche with arch. Handles drawers are small but important so do not hesitate to search for them on the most suitable.

I agree artificial flowers only if they are of the highest quality and not look too Kitch. If you find stores some beautiful You can arrange them on a nightstand for more effect.

The tassels large and heavy will highlight any drapery and where you put that together with the cords of the same material or ropes of silk velvet forming an excellent gripper and support.

Yes Important details you will see how much you will help to create a spectacular setting!