Living decorated in a romantic style

I propose a fitting for a romantic morning of February: the combination of soothing colors, prints and attractive textures, elegant, curved shapes and floral accents. As the Baudelaire said: Romance is the expression of the latest beauty.

The style can always be an inspiration for remodeling or just adding some accents in any room or living room, bedroom or bathroom, or just a corner of the house. The atmosphere is created by adding specific products style, followed by harmonizing colors, shapes, textures. The colors are warm but attractive furniture forms were candor and fabrics are soft and velvety, reflecting light in a pleasant way.

The environment belongs chosen for decorating the living room. It is a modern, in which romance is felt by velvet pink couch by harmonious furniture line by floral decorations and objects dear, precious framed photograph preferred. The sofa above the neutral color is pink, warm, lined with the same material (velvet), refreshingly cushions related chromatic environment: purple, beige, pink. White balance curtain shape, material and color low coffee table. Table legs are metallic and have a wavy, emphasizing the romantic ambience. Floor lamp in stretch white have a charm both day impressing shape and texture, as well as evening when creates a discreet environment supported by lit candles in bowl with water and flower petals.

Carpeta cyclamen has the same curve shape, delicate; cheerful color contrasts white floor and table highlights.

The flowers are devoid of romantic decor. Discreetly fragrant roses and freesia room. A special crystal vase, which though hard to believe, is inscribed a declaration of love.

Gently pour coffee in fine porcelain cup. A homemade cake on the table will be further proof of affection.

Our school romantic style

Romantic artistic movement and philosophy within the last decades of the eighteenth century in Europe that lasted much of the nineteenth century. Expressing his art was considered, in a first phase or a reaction to classicism rigid and devoid of fancy or the rococo frivolity which reached a peak of decorativism; had a more liberating and aspired to originality and freedom of forms.

Pink colored lights that signify femininity, love, friendship, tenderness.

Beautiful – needed everywhere in our lives, called design in particular.