Live in a Renaissance painting

If you want to decorate a room in Tuscan style, word to guide you is scenography. The Framework should be thought of as a theater scene, the choice of furniture, to the light. As you get an idea of ​​the atmosphere that has to parse, find inspiration in a book of art, Renaissance and Baroque paintings in several. Both interiors and still lifes you will suggest what to do and especially ambiance you need to recreate.

As I said, the light is very important, it creates atmosphere, leaving many corners shrouded in mystery. Filters, hidden, unexpected, it must provoke and exacerbate volume.

Both arranging the furniture and walls must suggest some drama. Finishing wall should be very vibrant, so light can create interesting shadow play. Textured plaster, stone or brick are perfect choices. The furniture should carefully grouped so that each of the compositions can be subject for a painting. The parts must be carefully chosen and have simple lines. Materials – evident natural wood and upholstery in natural shades of silk, cotton or velvet, pattern developed, but discreet. It is accepted and furniture covered with leather.

An important component of ambiance is given by drapes and curtains. Rich of precious, they must be arranged in elaborate drapery and accessorized with items trimmings.

We must not forget that, though Tuscan style is rustic, you must print a certain elegance frame. Therefore, the elements of simple, rustic be combined – but not excessive – with furniture spectacular to add preciousness.

The color palette should rotate around yellow sunflower, a biting Burgundian wine aged and faded green of olive leaves, all wrapped in a golden light. Inspiration came from Tuscany landscapes is essential!

Highlights important are the ornaments of wrought iron candlesticks, chandeliers, decorative elements and apply -but the same material created specifically for ornamental wall panels, consoles etc.

The paintings should be well placed in both value by placing against the furniture, and the light. Preferably lifes with fruit and landscapes of Tuscany. But if you want to be closer to Tuscan style, put on the wall tapestry in soft colors!

Dishes ceramic ornaments, painted fruit, vivid colors, is a focus that should not miss .

Our school Tuscan style

Tuscany situated in central Italy, it is considered one of the most beautiful regions and where Renaissance took place in all its splendor (just remember Florence and the Medici family).

Natural materials preference for stone, tile, wood, brick, marble.

red, yellow, orange, white with accents of gold.

Texture very textured walls, whether brick or stone plated, whether plastered; beams supporting the ceiling are visible.

The light must seem filtered, warm and noninvasive, creating a calm atmosphere, in chiaroscuro.

accessories and decorative wrought iron wall and very colorful ceramics decorated with flowers and fruits.