How to use the bronze decor ?

I personally find the golden color too obvious. Definitively and immediately associate it with a kitsch worthy discos full of children to their parents (you understand what I mean). In change colors Bronze seems to me that it gives very good inside, especially if a dosed with one hand pharmacist.

In the image above it is used in the company of neutral colors (notice the floor in gray deleted without any model, made of decorative self-leveling screed). Materials used are generally decor natural stone unfinished wooden beams on the ceiling, carpet look solid, rough texture and colors desaturate them. So, bronze is used here to elevate (and to complement natural elements: stone and wood) and to give a touch elegant.

Accesories in tan with sofa upholstered in silk velvet gray and white leather Barcelona chair creates a whole on how the original so successful. TRY home!

But with care: any exaggeration, any deviation from inital concept can transform this kind of subtle decor in one Kitch and insipid.