How to arrange the dressing room

On the top shelves is indicated to store boxes with lids that keep things that you use often.

The drawers deep can be exploited by partitioning their various boxes of different sizes, preferably fabric. You could keep in them not only clothes, but also appliances personal care such as hair dryer, curling iron, etc.

The top bar clinging hangers for shirts, blouses and dresses, and of the bottom hangers for pants and skirts.

Leave a space on the top bar of the catch hangers with hooks for belts.

Bags and shoes

Allocate space for bags, preferably close to the shoes. Envelope-type purses, it can baskets or boxes.

The shoe is on the lower shelves, in boxes. If you need to save even more space in the dressing room, hanging shoe racks uses. By choosing this option, you will gain space occupied by boxes that keep the shoes. Media allows you to stack shoes in order to view (so you could choose light) and protects also from dust.

Find helpful

If you have no home boxes and crates, you can make a small investment in their purchase. They are extremely practical and will help keep various accessories category. Textile boxes are very useful not only for storing accessories, but also clothes, such as shirts, tops etc.