A landscaped bed under the stairs

I’d like to take what’s good and well done here. We can not have that wonderful staircase in the house; only if we have a house with floor and our stairs does not look as impressive as the picture… somewhere on the way to this outcome of our choices.

Returning to the space under the staircase, he remains most often insufficient or poorly exploited. But with a few accessories readily available and a thick mattress there we can assemble an original bunk … to remind us of childhood can and fantasy devoid of limits we had then.

In fact Who says you have to sleep Musa in a room which is called the bedroom, a bed of some form, with a nightstand on each side of the bed?

romantic and interesting it is as shown , organza us the story of a bed pillow under the stairs! If you use a opaque curtain (which contains color lines of the whole) assembly already has scenic effects!

The white décor is very nice …. where and how if used properly. Romans usually take this rule and stick to all the walls, non-discretionary. However, in our little story … but white stands out precisely because the majority is not used. This is well supported by other neutral shades: gray, beige, grej, ecru, several shades of browns mild. Used so highlights purity. Used in excess, giving effect to the hospital. Altogether much to learn from this arrangement … if you know what to look!