Baths of the future

Sunny Moments

Psychotherapists say morning light plays a crucial role on our state of mind. Then why not start the day in a room “Sun” with accents of yellow or orange?

The bathroom – space for relaxation and pampering, the spa’s domestic equivalent – has not Why hide behind walls and doors. It becomes part of your bedroom. What could be more sensual than sitting in the tub and watch the flames of the fireplace?

In the spotlight: sink

It is said that the diversity of flavor to life. and, then, why settle for the classic basin? Especially because there are a lot of materials: glass, plastic, composite, stone, copper, stainless steel, and even – the ultimate luxury! – Or amber gemstones.

Moments Spa

minimalist aesthetics, natural materials and serene atmosphere of a spa bath, make your favorite room. Add showers and faucets waterfall, then indulge yourself with the delicate beauty.

The first step: color.

Think of the earth, river stone, bark, lichen, moss, cloudy sky. Too dull? The tones of blue, even purple can come into play.

The second step: geometry.
There is an explanation for the fact that boys prefer boring math classes literary analysis: the simple and logically speaking their language.

Third step: accessories.
Think about the criteria by which they choose their cars – the look is the last place! when the bath taps men appreciate performance, whirlpool or sauna systems, lighting and built-efficient consumption.