Flat surfaces, glowing with joy receive the intervention curves or steep geometric shapes of the furniture.
If it’s floor mate, then it comes with bright decor fireworks in appropriate colors. The bathrooms are allowed cold colors, unlike the bedrooms. It also accepts combinations of strong colors, aggressive. If you choose flat surfaces reflective, designers propose a wood furniture specially treated plus sanitary ceramics and glass, the effect is unique, making the most of the beauty of each piece itself.


latest trends speak about precious textiles or objects with artistic, vases, paintings, mirrors framed vintage frames in the bathrooms. Based on this approach baroque patterns have emerged and various pottery, different variants of realization that mimic skin, silk and metal. Floral or geometric patterns, monochrome or colored are an alternative.
Just mosaic. The image of the famous Roman baths travels through time until today, the ideal image for this style followers. The designers offer specialized fairs last semiprecious materials such as amber, onyx, in harmony with ceramics that mimic ivory – amateurs opinion! Baia spaceship full of shiny metal buttons, is the ideal alternative nostalgic hot water taps in which alternate with the cold water. The cabins showers, sauna and massage are incorporated into a hard offer of contents, giving the chance of true rituals offered for measuring time.
Sanitary objects have forms ranging from the easily recognizable to those that minimalism design reduced the line of least resistance. Decorative plants or aquariums are welcome, and the lights and raise the highest odds umbe unique effect, magnificent, spectacular. The color palette and the conductor wire of the genre give coherent environment and fully restore the original intent, the entire definition, which defines individual style.