Energy tips for living

These condition at a higher level energy balance abstracted by the Chinese as the paradigm of Yin / Yang, through the harmonious interaction of individual energies in nature, identified five basic elements of the universe (wood, fire, earth, metal, water ). An example can be the living room …

reported both at home and at the assembly rooms in each hand, Feng Shui prescribe a set of organizational rigor of objects in space, highly relevant , which many of us instinctively apply, so guess that’s better.

Living Room is one of the centers of gravity of any home. In the paradigm of Feng Shui, it has a major share living space where the whole family operates mostly diurnal activity. Also, the living room is the most exposed to interactions with the outside – here we get our friends, relatives and guests. Consequently, a Feng Shui flawed generate negative energy that is often harmful to the occupants or occasionally of this space.

The basic rule of a Feng Shui correct is saying that the family must feel Well in this room. Do not sacrifice comfort in favor of adopting the trends of the latest in furniture and interior design does not meet the imperatives family.

Technical Regulations

An important it has to start positioning the ensemble living in the house. In this ideal version should be the first room that sees the entrance (the most unfortunate situations in this regard is placing them in a bath or kitchen front axle with front door). It is also desirable that the shape of the living room to be square or rectangular. A perimeter body in L, U or another irregular shape, can generate energy imbalance lack a portion of Bagua. These shortcomings can be corrected using mirrors however: placed in critical areas they increase the optical space, allowing energy manifestation closed. Special attention should be paid to the ratio of transparent surfaces (windows, glass doors, mirrors) and the full (walls of the room), which you should never lean in favor of the former. Despite the option natural for a bright living room with large windows and surfaces airy, mainly their detriment walls can generate the feeling of insecurity and discomfort.

Also, it is recommended that the floor of the living room is covered with parquet floor which enhances energy wood element. In this context, a cement floor, tiles or flooring synthetic is contraindicated negative effect of this can be alleviated with the help of carpets and rugs in pure wool.

Finally, another technical detail, highly important is that the living room is not en route to other areas of the house. For specific energy, beneficial of this space to be preserved intact, living room should be a room detached.

Rules for placing furniture

Whatever particular type of furniture for the living room (classic, modern, mixed, or timeless), it should reflect the need for comfort and security for family members. As is the sense of security that prevails in the living room environment, we should avoid placing furniture in this room to squat and chairs, armchairs, sofas with back down. If possible, octagonal or furniture will be arranged in a U shape, in order to soften corners, which slow the normal flow of chi. This must move freely without hindrance, along segments as far as possible curves, so it is advisable to opt for phones with rounded corners. One of the basic rules ordering the lounge is that furniture should be arranged so that the camera can be crossed in any direction without it encounters any obstacles.

sofa or couch in the living room, one of the pieces of furniture with a massive share in creating the idea of ​​comfort, there will never be placed in relation to the front access door in the room. This arrangement exposes the occupants divan direct assault chi energy that enters the door and can induce discomfort. Always sofa or couch will be positioned with backs against the wall, which accentuates the feeling of safety protection. Also it not recommended as sofas or couches to sit under the window. However, if this arrangement is inevitable, the windows will be covered with blinds filled, hermetic and thick curtains, long to the floor.

For optimal harmonization of the living room is preferable meals or tray tables used to be oval round or octagonal, not barriers to the chi.

The idea forms curves for arranging living room was taken in feng shui ambience of ancient times, when the whole family sat in a semicircle in front fireplaces that once enlivened the space. Currently, hearth place was taken over by television, which brings together around family members, but with a less beneficial energy. Therefore, it is recommended that the TV was not the center of gravity, the centerpiece of the living room. Preferably, it will be placed in a niche or a closed rack, specially designed for this purpose.

If you opt for placement in living a body of the library, it is ideal that it be provided windows that mitigates negative emanation of books from the shelves. Otherwise, we recommend the use of luminaries with radiation directed towards books.

Enable chi in living

If the room is large risk that chi to stagnate or to dissipate. Therefore, it is advisable to divide space or through partitions, fixtures shelves accessible from both sides, tables or other furniture, which will be decorated with abundant decorative leaf plant bulky, large. Chi energy will have a steady stream if sharp angles of furniture and the room will be masked with flowing plants. Similarly, avoid plants with sharp leaves or cacti.

Living Room is ideal area to act beneficial to the harmony and unity of the family. Chi could be boosted here by decorating the room with numerous photographs of family members. A good flow of this energy in living will be reflected positively on the physical and emotional entire family.

If the living room serves as a dining room, it is desirable that the mass which serves food to be oval or octagonal, not to generate conflicting energies and to provide equal status occupants. Also, the chi will act beneficial if a wall near the table will be placed a mirror that enhances wellbeing and wealth signifiers of food.


Last but not least, it must pay particular attention to the correct lighting of the living room. If natural light is insufficient, by the use of artificial lighting with table lamps, brackets, chandeliers and candles. In this situation, a massive curtain or other material will slow further full natural daylight and, along with it, the flow of energy that is intimately conditioned by it. Thus, the living room with windows relatively small, which favors natural light is sufficient curtain thin.

Similarly, in the case of a living excessively bright, heavy curtains and massive will help regulate energy balance, blurring the contrasts too strong or sharp edges.

colors living room

In any case the floor of the living room will not be covered with rugs or carpets in shades blue or red colors liable to induce a sense of insecurity or discomfort.

Also, red and green are contraindicated for curtains windows facing north because conflict with the specific energy of the pole and destroy. In this situation it is recommended curtains in shades of pale blue or purple possibly printed with smooth, curved lines.

For windows facing east, south or southeast, the colors recommended for curtains are green and yellow floral. Finally, the windows facing the west or northwest impose a chromatic specify activation energies of these poles: curtains windows that open towards the west and northwest will be chosen earth colors: browns, beige, yellow, brick etc.

We must not forget beneficial influence plant for blurring corners and sharp edges or for dividing rooms too large.

Similarly, do not hesitate to remove from the room any object or decorative piece that can alter energy balance necessary to establishing a harmonious and balanced climate.