Eclectic bathroom for modern times

Usually, the beneficiaries will hydromassage tubs, showers with saunas and other sanitary items with different functions or features. All these systems have a current design modern, even futuristic sometimes, so when designing bathrooms arrangement start from them. Then keep in mind that bathroom decor should be linked with that of the rest of the house, which usually go on a more classically tempered. The bathroom of the master bedroom serves the images whose arrangement reminiscent of La Belle Epoque period. In these conditions, we have included in the decor bath a few accents of style that contributes to a nearby visual between the two spaces.

Always avoid to use cold finishing as ceramic tiles, because they give the bathroom a trivial issue. In this case, I dressed the walls in a cream wallpaper with stripes discreet and travertine flooring we chose a very shiny black. I usually use even in bathroom flooring; But this time, there were touches of black countertop sink and shower frame, so I preferred a perfect matching. In addition, travertine is a noble finish which gives the room a precious note. Decorative elements that define the look of the bath but the paintings are reminiscent of the same period of 20-30 years and Stora taffeta and velvet with tassels covering the window.