Deco staircase that element

Since you chose a home on many levels, do not ignore the opportunity to make the staircase most spectacular decoration

The homes last few years they have often put the election of a staircase interior. Be a scale in two waters, one on one long or spiral? Made of wood? Wrought iron? Stepped glass?

Before the election we must understand that the scale is part of the house and in all cases a spectacular element. The owners of the house in the picture they chose a wooden staircase and wrought iron, suitable with the rest of the house. It was helpful architect Elena Forest – a specialist that I recommend with confidence.

Choosing a spiral shape fits and she used materials, wrought iron putandfi modeled quite usorpentru such warp graceful . Located in the entrance area, staircase really shows the beautiful living room and the staircase dinning.O not shown he has no sense – do not you think?

Upstairs, the staircase ends in a hall Liaison there direct access to the office. Lack of space makes doors to flow naturally. The scale is put in value and in turn highlight the beautiful decor elements: the ground floor a fine statue which sits near the base of the stair well; upstairs upholstery that connects warmer atmosphere upstairs. In short, the element ‘wow’ needed to claim any home.