Customize your living room walls !

Do you like to accessorize with something but still do not know what?

A simple idea and effective is to select a picture with a black and white photo, an abstract painting, a nude, nature dead, everything you can remember and fits with the environment you.

What you should know when you go to acquire works of art are few rules are easy to follow.

If you choose to position a big painting above the sofa, a position classic else, make sure it fits in terms of color with the rest of the room.

Also, if in front of the sofa you have a small coffee table, the table must be proportional to it in the same tone.

A work of art much higher than coffee table and darker will attract all the attention, and it frees hard to get a space, dark.

And, last but not least, your picture should match both in terms of color but also in style. A picture framed in wood with patina fits a classic ambience. A thin and smooth aluminum frame is ideal for a modern interior.