Curtains for a glamorous interior

Choosing matching curtains is more difficult than it seems at first glance because they must comply decorating style to harmonize with the colors of the interior and have an optically attractive.

Before buying or to manufacturing curtains for the windows of your home, do not ignore the fact that their appearance is influenced by the material they are made of (black model) solutions offered ripple, and the means of attachment-sagging.

choosing curtains should consider the following issues:

– room size;

– the number and size of windows;

– Chromatic room;

– style furniture;

– visual harmony.

design process you have to rely on:

– the possibility of optical correction;

– optical effect model;

– interior style.

Good to know!

– a curtain with curtain superior and decoration rich is indicated only if the room and window have a large, curtain reaches the floor.

– The curtain which merges with shade and pattern walls widens room in optical appearance.

– Curtains side can give the impression of higher elevations of the room, the upper having the same effect on the width of them.

– disposing or bridging sides of the curtain can change the image and atmosphere of the room.