Country highlights

The truth is that both terms have coverage much broader, referring to provincial styles everywhere.

Among them is the scenery of Provence, the Mediterranean or the British.

What you should know about a country-style decor?

1. Sofas and armchairs are large, comfortable and most often positioned near a fireplace with classic look that can be placed candlesticks with candles or photos. Often using furniture to stay, they are created near windows or terraces, reading and relaxing idyllic areas.

2. The walls are covered with wallpaper loaded in general, instead of being painted simple uni. Outside of wallpaper, proposing usually floral and dark colors in sets other country appeared also to cloth textures sofas or heavy drapes. You can get a look British aid checkered upholstery.

3. This style is appropriate furniture made from massive (especially tables, chairs, chests of drawers and windows). His design is simple, but is based on various decorations, handles antiquing or curved. Coffee tables may tablecloth that hangs to the floor. To complete the decor country resort to floral cushions and table lamps with classic look.

4. Textile accessories are very important in a country setting, be it on wallpaper, upholstery and decorative cushions. By daring combinations of colors and motifs unit, they are designed to give the arrangement a modern touch.

5. Antiqued look elements and accessories old, now obsolete, are also common in the country scenery. Furniture, flooring and joinery may have a patina look, as well as decorations. So keep chest grandmother eventaiele and old gas lamps, if you want to get a more authentic look.

7. For a look relaxed holiday, which harks back to the simple life of the country, choose pastel colors and natural materials. Unlike traditional interiors from us, where wood with natural aspect is predominant in the provinces of France, it is covered with white paint, which gives an elegant and romantic.

8. Furniture and accessories made of natural materials are a must when it comes to the small room. The colors are equally important. If you want to create an atmosphere odihitoare bedroom and also to keep the little rustic air, opt for an immaculate decor with playful color accents. Playing different patterns is approximated using chromatic correspondences.

Information provided by the architect. Adrian Iovescu, Accent Design, tel.: 0722-24.03.52