Childhood retrieved

The ensemble of images, dedicated girls, focuses on a cheerful color, full of freshness – shades of pink, white and green. Floral prints and diaphanous veil of the canopy creates a romantic setting, the story, which feeds the imagination The tiny princesses. Both the headboard, and textile accessories are made or covered with natural fibers of cotton.


romantic atmosphere of the room was kept by painting in white wood used to produce policies suspended the table serving as bedside and foot stools. The bed and armchairs covered with fabric that is subordinate assembly in terms of color and decorative motifs.
bed for a person is provided with storage for linens and pillows easily accessible and very practical.
décor magic chamber proposed by Marge girl is punctuated by a few decorative cushions which, by simple binding of ribbons can be turned into toys.
Mixing of different prints such as flowers and stripes, has an aesthetically pleasing effect, fatigue, since they kept the same colors in both models, their presence together, even in the same decorative accessory, with logic and continuity. Unit interior is ensured by the harmonious combination of all elements of decor, the colors chosen and by the style that was refurbished room.