Cheer your decor with beautiful materials

A harmonious house interior space well designed and proportioned can be accessorized very nice just using intelligent coloring and inspired assortment.

In a white base hundred percent ( a monochromatic base in general), you can organize an elegant and carefully using only cheerful patterns and colors game textiles used in house. Try to keep center of the room neutral or very pale and have color toward the wall.

Change patterns depending on where used textiles: Curtain use a model for other sofa, armchairs and cushions for others. Alternate models in the bedroom and dining room, taking note of the permanent rules such as pattern change only in the case of textiles, furniture must remain monochrome or neutral colors.

In this setting can not use many accessories because attention is already drawn game patterns, any object of decor only added stricand desired effect. One of the few sets where you can use stripes, squares and floral designs differ, all together, without fear to fail.