A business with a homely air

The fact that they have arranged headquarters in an apartment is a fairly common thing, but how they thought the decor is really special.

Greek businessman wanted the office to inspire confidence and reliability, but also to be an inviting and intimate for both customers and for him and his associated. Alex believes that such an environment not only provides more comfort, but the originality and style attracts customers.

The basic idea was getting a warm decor interesting, with touches of style, involving minimal financial resources. Although owns an advertising agency that, more recently, has expanded its work offering legal assistance, financial strategies and business plans, Alex is passionate about design and generally nice. All of them require a highly personal air space that becomes a warm and familiar, as Alex wanted from the beginning. His goal was that visitors – customers or not – feel like in a family, in a warm, yet refined.

Although the apartment keeps class divisions, though the role was changed functions to serve new utilities. The hall, transformed into the reception, was provided with a central reception desk of clients and a proper work space (slightly smaller in size). Also, the owner decided to leave the kitchen in tune with homely-like concept, which was designed by the firm space.

The furniture and many accessories purchased from IKEA, have been chosen to comply note chromatic arrangement. These details have helped to shape a stylish atmosphere dominated by women.