British stylized decor

In other words, the British the décor use the bold red (especially as wallpaper), softened by green, turquoise and yellow.

Scenery stylized and reinterpreted advantage is that it keeps all that good, elegant decors and effect of the original epurand cumbersome and unnecessary in exchange elements, especially today when life should be served by a comfortable and easy used. The first condition to achieve this type of decoration is but the house: a house with lofty, generous windows on the measure and not necessarily equipped with a fireplace.

I do not see this ensemble succeeded in a block , be it new. If this is not an impediment, then follow the diagram of photos in certain proportions, pink vivid and bold can be combined with turquoise, yellow or raw green.

To add effects aristocratic, use and less silver, some Roman busts and lighting type generous. What has been simplified here? First to call a decorative leveling compound in a neutral color and a carpet of the same color range, unite. Table center in silver gray color complements neturalitatea center of the room.

Such an arrangement of colors and materials focuses all attention on the walls, the accessories and decorations. Here, the balance is good, even if the materials are loaded. A positive example to be followed by those who enjoy lavish interiors.