Bedroom in the attic

How would you solve problems posed by space atypical?

I know we all imagine attics huge with large spaces, open space sites, the potential size of a basketball court / handball. A space where we Lafa actually where among other things, to have space for a table tennis table.

In fact, if we lived in an apartment in a villa, space attic that we would be allocated would be quite small. So let us imagine how I arrange a small bedroom in the attic.

For example, between the door and bed space is required for passage. It can be expanded and used correctly and efficiently by creating a shelf or wall storage door properly. If the windows are placed above the bed, you need blind (normal or Roman type shade), not to get the morning sun to beat directly in the eye.

Other objects decor are subtle and not bog atmosphere. In this case specifically to walk neutral shades of green and blue gray invioarate pale yellow.

An assembly calm, relaxing yet fresh very successful.