The office in the attic

So, slowly, I began to meet in different homes, offices furnished in styles ranging from classical to variations modern.

Office image is furnished and decorated in a style Classic cleaned. White walls brings you contemporary. The furniture and the massive presence of natural wood instead, I think about the kind of decor british (especially type club), which abounds in boiserie. This office was found a retreat in the penthouse atypical smart.

One side of the room is higher and there was built the library that has the scale it, just like a library of old movies good. On the lower side of the room, near the window, he was placed propiru office itself, which thus has plenty of natural light. Her room has fireplace with classic form, including above the shelf, which gives a special touch of elegance.

A leather sofa would say a specific model completes the decor coagulated. Small accessories masculine cars, but airplanes and paintings signed by famous Romanian artists fill this space who wants to get a clear personality and get out of the shadow cone of uncertainty or multi-purpose spaces. No! this is a male office, a person who knows what he wants.