Artificial light in bathroom

All this implies the need for artificial lighting adequate for the needs and function room. For this reason it is preferred lighting solutions with a higher intensity compared to other rooms.

Furthermore, in the case of bathrooms, the lighting shows specific structural features humid locations. The bulbs are protected against water vapor by means of a glass bowl that closes tightly light source.

lighting related area sink is important because, usually, site of the mirror. For this reason, it is necessary to provide illumination close to daylight quality, so as not to distort the real image reflected in the mirror. In general, it is recommended that the light source to be located above the mirror or, where appropriate a piece of furniture, the lighting to be incorporated into its console. Lighting local is practiced in the bathroom, especially near the toilet or the bath, in order to ensure general hygiene impeccable ambience.

Also, you must consider the possibility of fitting of equipment Electric washing machine or other appliances.