Arrangements and romantic scenery

For this reason, we wish to set romantic, delicate and yet mysterious.


Here are some ideas:


– Use many flowers and floral or vegetable. Fill the house arrangements of natural flowers that will spread all over their sweet intoxicating scent. Moreover, call floral materials, be it wallpaper, curtains, upholstery or collages. The image of flowers (real or stylized) will create a design loaded full of freshness and color.


– Do not avoid strong colors and combinations between many colors and patterns prints. Dare to use cheerful, lit by: pink, red, green, purple etc. For more dynamism, combined with stripes or polka dots floral prints.


– Make use of light to create a nostalgic atmosphere, sensual. The right lighting for a romantic ambiance are lampadarele and veiozele that shed a dim light, warm. Also candlelight is renowned for its intimate atmosphere that shape.


– Complete arrangement with personal items with sentimental value and antique furniture with retro look. How state of nostalgia is closely related to memories and emotions of old, it is necessary that in any romantic setting to be found souvenirs, antiques, pieces inherited or various other objects that evoke reveries: old photos framed pictures of family, small furniture style etc.