Feng Shui – amulets and talismans

Its meaning esoteric is without beginning and without end.
Used as a talisman, it means an uninterrupted life of disease, suffering and problems, and an endless love. This symbol can be worn as Jewelry can be carved doors, furniture, decorative objects or draw on.
symbols for prosperity and success: Chinese coins, miniatures of some ships with sails in the wind and loaded with bullion vessel prosperity in turn filled with various symbols of lucky to be closed and kept hidden in the northwest area of ​​the house, signifying hidden treasures “of the family, with three legs and ban frog in his mouth; 8 goldfish aquariums that brings prosperity and 1 black pickerel, to absorb potential negative energies, dragon image, located in the East;
longevity symbols: Crane, pin, peaches, and Chinese shrub Peach of semiprecious stones, bamboo, jade cricket, considered as the most powerful symbol of youth, longevity and immortality of the spirit after physical death; Turtle, located in N;
Love Symbols: double happiness symbol, a pair of mandarin ducks, two hearts crystal pink or red; image peonies, butterfly image, quartz crystals, a pair of elephant trunk holding her down, placed in the bedroom, luck offspring.