A princely terrace

Few, very few … those who live in any building that has not yet been demolished heritage interest unimaginative any real estate developer.

I do not live in such a house but allow me to dream. If I had such a yard, as a terrace, I would install underneath a bed princely elegant, like this in the picture, with classic lines and modern upholstery striped.

The bed I would cover with a linen in tone and I would surround the generous folds of assorted fabrics. I would hold even a living, why not in front of the majestic columns and I would imagine that in the old days, the princes of this world, great aristocrats and princes do exactly the same. Nothing seems more suitable one day long and hot summer than lazing between pillow soft and mellow couch favorite.

I only choose royal colors: blue, red, gold eventually. Eliminating all modern elements do not seem like we isolated the exact time that it evoked using textures and colors?

I think the interior design, with everything that means he : furniture, materials, shapes, color has the power to do so. It is almost literally take you, you translate it in the atmosphere that you want.

What would you do if you have such a terrace?