A black and white bathroom

The company mentioned ceramic tile decoration shows us how we can transform a bathroom into one sophisticated and exit patterns, with a classic contrast and a bold mix of patterns. The room pictured is in addition to the baths our usual block space that can be used with imagination.

In this case, the slabs stylish effect is backed by generous area of ​​the room and somewhat atypical for a bath items. The accessories related to living and lifestyle-specific ie, chair, radio, books, and decorations glamor (such chandelier) transform the space, offering them, besides personal touch, a touch of nonconformity. It is not classic and the distribution of ceramic tiles. In addition, the particularly thereof creates some visual effects that makes us think in elegant classical interiors.

The tiles for the wall shows a sober pattern, straight, reminiscent of silk wallpaper, look strengthened by this rod horizontal that separates the two types of tiles used. Classic air thus obtained is supported and precious chandelier. However, the proposed spatial and modern elements, such as endowments and wall ceramic decorative plate also, but this time with an oversized floral motif. And the floor has an original aspect conferred wrong with baroque pattern that keeps naturally contrast black and white.