A bedroom with urban look

We found setting where you can rest and relax at will, you can forget the worries and the effervescent city life without leaving the heart: a bedroom ultra-current elements minimalist urban look.

A contemporary decor, sophisticated and yet very relaxed. That Berloni designers propose us through arrangement of images. The furniture ultra-modern, minimalist lines, subscribes lifestyle’s current offering functionality and style.

The bed is upholstered with leather darker and has a storage space useful for bedding and blankets . Chest and bedside tables belong to the same range and propose rounded edges, opposed straight lines, which are found in bed and Japanese-inspired table. They are covered with natural veneer or teak finish caffe rovers.

Be attentive to detail!

Linen can radically influence your bedroom look. For example, a print uninspired stylish effect can amputate from the arrangement as an interesting model can provide extra personality. Therefore, choose carefully!