10 ideas for a romantic setting

If you want to realize such a decor to your home, we can offer a few ideas that will be of great use

The style is equivalent to a light style, light, feminine. He began to develop in the mid nineteenth century as a reaction to the neo-classical and classic lines rigorous before.
The industrial revolution has facilitated the development of this decorative style by making replicas of classic furniture thanks which became available to the public.

General features

The key elements of a romantic decor are fine fabrics, floral prints, applique lace or fringe , painted furniture and pastel colors. Luminaires are precious type of crystal chandeliers or lamps and lampshades decorated textile lampadarele (possibly corrugated) with pasmanturi.

Do not forget the accessories!

decorative objects and accessories of any kind have an important say in shaping a romantic atmosphere. Vases, photo frames, paintings, lamps and candlesticks, all counts. So choose them carefully and put them in value.

Textiles power

The fabrics are very important in a romantic setting. Silk is the top. Even if it can not be used with exclusive (and partly because of the cost), still use it as an accent, in addition combined with velvet trimmings. Another interesting idea to great effect: covering the walls with a cloth. The style is not rigorous, so mix smoothly decorative pillows stained with different patterns.


Surely, roses are a symbol romance. As such, do not forget to include in your decor. Put them into bouquets in vases type tubes for extra freshness and originality. It also appeals to candle holders shaped bowls with flowers inside. Group the three to five sections (identical) and use them to decorate the bedroom and the bathroom.

Romance Men

Although arrangements romantic shine through femininity, yet they can be matched and if gentlemen. For this purpose, choose furniture with curved lines (inspired by Rococo), which complements it with masculine elements: material plain or striped, accessories dark (photo frames, paintings, an easel decorative) objects with personality.

old objects inherited from family, always have a romantic air, be it about candlesticks, pictures of old, books, or even musical scores old.


Whatever the destination of fabric, if you intend to get a romantic decor, floral orient to. No matter how dull and sober as a decor can be refreshed with a colorful floral pattern. For example, we suggest an armchair or sofa with such a trim. Certainly, you’ll immediately notice the effect. If it appears too bold, limit yourself to curtains and cushions.

Ornaments sic

Wrought iron is a romantic element, so do I place setting via candlesticks ornate or furniture.

The designer gives you a tip: buy a billboard Forged from IKEA, painted it a light color and use it as headboard. You get a very bohemian air, especially if you superimposed on a background (wall) dark.