Van Cleef & Arpels

Cassette ceiling and carved panels play with the style of the eighteenth century. A wall curves gently around a timber, light is scattered by a chandelier and a bright rainbow generated by a color dramatic place. The entire redevelopment Maison’s salons were entrusted to a young designer, Patrick Jouin, resulting in a vast space, offering the perfect home for Van Cleef & Arpels creations. And contemporary creations have appeared but remained faithful to the old classical architecture Place Vendome – a superb way to shape Maison’s centenary.

Van Cleef & Arpels have arranged new showroom on the 22 Place Vendome, based on three principles: beauty celebration Place Vendome, the symbol of French good taste, creating a refined and exclusive atmosphere, providing a welcoming environment. With 58 stores worldwide, Van Cleef & Arpels went into the oldest boutique in Paris to honor its unique location Place Vendome. In fact, 22 Place Vendome is where he was born Van Cleef & Arpels spirit, that desire to provide the best, most surprising and most elegant. It is no accident that his studio as he called – Atelier, are all here in 1933. 

Salons Van Cleef & Arpels respect this tradition of combining sobriety and order details XVIII century exuberant. 

On entering the showroom, visitors will discover details that suggest sober architecture of Place Vendome and surprising shapes: curved, two huge boxes (drawers, showcases), colorful and impressive pavilion.

Behind the camera, is a fit curved wall object of furniture in soft colors and beautiful lighting creates an intimate easily. Whether you sit on a sofa near the window, watching the flag, you are considered as a jewel in a private office. Or you explore a room full of decorative objects that intrigue you, you still feel comfortable and welcome. 

The first floor offers a more intimate atmosphere, and various rooms were decorated so visitors can be welcomed at a dinner or a meeting with an artist or designer. Those who walk there can explore historic boutique’s, which are dedicated company evoking glory – being renamed “La Galerie”. The rooms on the ground floor are the setting for exhibitions with special themes, and for commercialization jewelry collections from the past.