Heritage Restaurant

Between cultural heritage, innovation, and artistic refinement, restaurant Heritage was born under the sign of the ambitious star Michelin. Supreme authority in matters of famous Red Guide is both a landmark of gastronomy, but also a dynamic process for evaluating the quality of service, cuisine, and flawless freshness.

Desire elegant initiators Heritage concept is to get a first Michelin star, the maximum being three in number – we are talking about an absolute luxury and excellent refinement, in which connoisseurs fully understands the significance of the idea of ​​requiring NOBLESS

Called the bankers restaurant, due to the 20 shareholders (most top managers in the field), this project aims to be a counselor in areas such as the vast and varied restoration of high-value houses.

Based on the location itself, full of glamor and mystery, here were tied and untied fate of a country, there occurred the steps of the great men of that times. 
Magic Heritage is one of greatness, splendor, and grandeur of extraordinary talent, is a full knowledge of the value of the property itself. 

Brancoveanean style of the building has been followed closely, and interior architects. They kept their doors, stained glass windows, original parquet floors, which have shown initial appearance through a very thorough process of restoration. 

If you want to talk and about the money side of the story, then we are talking about a sum of 1,500,000 euros, and then we can imagine great respect for Quality! 

Here, even the most severe critics bow to stylish evidence 100% authentic.