Handemade fairs – an unsuspected source of original decorations

I advise you to give a run down there because you will surely find something that you like. I was stopped out of habit, and because they were extremely interesting, a few decorations handmade. We found various vases and containers painted, which in addition are made of environmentally friendly materials.

The decorations are made of a composite material which is based on organic materials, environmentally friendly. The main advantage would be that they are very light and not be damaged by the usage over time, and the biggest disadvantage … painted a less affable environment. However, the material provides a breeding ground for creativity turns carefree Playfulness: how much more make friends with him, the more it feels like playing stirs … And … you look, the house, friends, friends of friends … the artist tells us.

I’m also convinced! Especially as items made from it are cheerful and have a playful air. But the best would be to see with your own eyes what it is.
Stop number two … Have to admit that I stopped to see some nice jewelry from plexiglass, but I noticed there I stood perch in a corner a few choruses air-garde lighting.

I met the artist who created them, and explained that all their products are processed by cutting and engraving laser. So modern technology for modern products. However fanning the site I found some pieces with a touch something romantic: boxes and accessories to jewelry made of plexiglass, MDF or cardboard materials used for lighting.