Gold, velvet and crystal

Two major directions are followed for this season; one refers to furniture, sumptuous pieces, large areas both for daytime and for the night, the other, the set designer luminaires. 
The design for the set is composed of bed with two bedside tables, and ample backrest mark indicates Cavalli, the colors, and decor. Wood flooring, painted in geometry bicolor black and white, and metallic accents approaches are elements of glamor, luxury interiors.

The sofas for two or three people are produced in Italy, especially Eka brand are inspired by vintage designs. Adaptable spaces both public and private ones, it carries on stiffer natural wood silk velvet, strong, vibrant shades of red, blue imperial, gold, chocolate brown.

Lamps lines with silk shade and lamp Adare led maintain continuity, fluidity and consistency in the manner chosen for planting. 
Large parts, steel wire chandeliers, and crystals can be placed in the gap stairs to the lobby of a hotel, club, restaurant or even in homes picky when space allows. 
Cleaning is done with a fine jet of steam, but there are special machines for this area.