An airplane made a hostel

At the entrance Stockholm airport, a Boeing 747-200 greets you, but not to lead you to exotic destinations, but to give you a few hours of sleep and a healthy breakfast after a long and tiring journey.


The idea hotel-plane came Oscar Dios after bird metal has contracted to air.

Captain’s cabin has been converted into a bedroom for two people. This benefit bathroom, wireless Internet connection and a minitelevizor.


All rooms dinpensiune for one, two or even three people under the name of famous airplanes are numbered: 736, 737 etc. Those who wish may choose to bunk beds.


The space where before flying first class travel was transformed into a meeting area. Seats on the plane were kept, which does nothing else than to give an air of extravagant room and you induce further the impression that you’re actually on a plane and not in a hostel.


In minirestaurantul arranged, customers can enjoy a fresh coffee, serve a breakfast provided by hosts or their own food can heat in the microwave installed here.