Youthful colors and textures

All the decisions you’ll make will have consequences concrete visual, so you have to weigh carefully. That was about the designer’s task: creating from scratch a two room apartment for a young couple.

I chose colors and textures that express strength and liveliness red, wenge, shades of white and cream, stone, wood and metal. The stone was cut by a fairly new laser technology, so as to appear to have been segmented. We opted for open spaces, except the bedroom, which should keep privacy. Remaining space for daytime activities, simple and effective has been divided between the open kitchen, American type, which includes a dining area and a bar and living room, where there is a corner for the home office.

The bar has dual role: a place for serving a small snacks and a fence blocking visual access to the area where it is located cooker. For living we chose a model of laminate thickness of 8 mm specifically with traffic. Tiles are imported from Spain and Italy. Except sofas, we made furniture, because what we found on the market did not match the style of the apartment . Ariston appliances are online and were ordered especially for this apartment. LCD CPC is one of the few objects brought in new home owners. Many decisions we have taken only because the owners have trusted in me. The result: an arrangement that proved their liking.